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Jeremy Jackson
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You’re successful by most standards. 

You lead, influence, are spiritually grounded, healthy and active.

You have risen above many obstacles to achieve the lifestyle you’ve earned and enjoy today.

Yet something is missing – the feelings of joy, fulfillment and passion you once believed would be automatic given the life you’ve created, somehow seem elusive.

Your level of achievement and success until now has likely taken a toll on you in some way.

You may have thought to yourself more than once, “I don’t know what else to do because this is all I know!” or “Am I living an illusion I can continue at this pace?”

I’m Stephanie Martin, here to help you take a breath. I coach successful Christ-centered leaders and entrepreneurs to live more authentically as God made them to be and to align with God’s plans and purposes for them.

Working with me, you’ll soon recognize that keeping up the pace and the pressure that got you to your level of success, despite your ups and downs, isn’t going to move you further.

God has a plan for you which requires getting out of your own way and living authentically and in alignment with that plan and purpose.

Living your spirit-centered best life is about flow, not force.

Your dreams and desires await. Make your success easier. 
Your Journey Starts Here
“If you are wandering around aimlessly, Stephanie is your go-to gal! She’ll inspire and equip you to take action.”
 Kent Julian
I’m Stephanie.

 I help people discover their purpose in life so they can align their careers, lives and business to their unique calling and live happily ever after (sort of). I help you build a life where you not only dream big, but have the power, momentum and guidance to actually accomplish those dreams (the ones that are all in your head right now).
I’m sick of seeing people direction-less, confused, miserable.. and most of all: lost without a compass. I know your life should be your legacy. I want to help you do the things YOU love and find work that makes you thrive. Work that helps inspire, builds relationships and becomes your ‘why’ in your life. So, my mission is hyper-focused on helping you discover your purpose, and live it, every moment.

You’ll walk in the path of your purpose and be inspired to live it. We’ll collaborate and work together to give you everything you need to become unstoppable and follow your purpose wherever it takes you so you can make your dreams a living-breathing-success.

I also help you get unstuck, diffuse the overwhelm in your life and give you the wings you need to carry yourself through to your breakthrough. I give you the empowerment, the time-tested tools, maps and action plans to help you succeed and connect the dots where it matters.

It’s time to create the income, impact and change you know you need to.
No matter where you are, I’ll meet you there. It’s time to discover your purpose.

Raving Fans
Stephanie O'Brien is passionate about living life on purpose. With a heart for God and for other, she serves with compassion and wisdom. She has been an inspirational guest on Purposeful Pathway Radio, and I am grateful to have shared my journey on her Moved by Purpose podcast. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services, blog and podcast for anyone seeking to live with purpose and passion. I trust all will be blessed by her treasure trove of insights. I consider her to be a true sister in Spirit and a timeless gem of a friend!
Caroline Gavin
Caroline Gavin
Stephanie is one of the most vibrant, encouraging people I know. She has the unique ability to speak to the heart of issues, guide people through processes that help them discover their God-given purpose, and engage life on a level one never felt possible. She is a true gift to her community, and it is my honor to call her both a colleague and a friend.
Brian Holmes and the Strategic Living Podcast
Stephanie has the unique ability to see the possibilities of a person's full potential. With just the right mix of academic study, related work history, and her own personal journey to wholeness, she is perfectly positioned to coach you to your highest self.
Dan Miller
Life Coach and Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
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