I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me Quotes

Have you ever felt that Helping Others, But No One Helps Me, feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and simply not happy with your current level of success? It could be that you’re forgetting to focus on your own needs while helping others. We are wired to want recognition for our efforts and kindness, but when we spend time giving without expecting something in return it can leave us feeling empty. While there is value in giving in itself, eventually if not balanced with other positive resources we start to deplete our energy stores and feelings of loneliness or lack of appreciation kick in. Learning how to help others without getting anything back can be beneficial for both you and those around you; here are some tips on ways to do just that!

Sixty Quotes About I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

1. You need to accept humans as they are and quit having high expectations. Some days, you will get the help you need from someone you never even expected.

2. Nobody would need luck if we offered to help one another. However, do not depend on others to always help you out. And for those that help, try applauding their efforts.

3. While there are times that no one remembers and no one cares, we must be aware way to success and happiness is through helping others.

4. In all you do, help yourself before deciding to help others. Because self love is one of the greatest healing energy, people can get resentful.

5. Loneliness does not only mean being alone; it is the feeling that nobody truly cares about you.

6. One person that will never forget you is God. But remember that the person you are helping will most likely forget you.

7. We get disappointed when we are in need and people do not bother to help us. It gets to us, especially when we have helped them.

8. When does it get to be my turn to hold on to a helping hand? Or am I meant to keep giving without receiving?

9. I never get to expect a thing in return when I stick my neck out to help people, no matter how difficult the situation gets for me.

10. The times I have needed help, everyone lets me down. I keep wondering when it will ever get to be my turn.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

11. And when I need help after sticking it out for others, I forget how to ask for it because I am the go-to person for everyone else.

12. Ignoring others when in need is not the best way to live. I am tired of being ignored.

13. Some people have walked through life helping others. And when they ask for help, others disappear.

14. Some people will forget the one hundred times you came through for them and keep talking about the one time you did not.

15. When it is time to take that step, take it alone. It may be the hardest you will ever take, but it is the step that will make you strong enough not to depend on others

16. No matter how hurt you feel, understand that you are not to expect rewards when you take the time and energy to help others. Else, you will be sorely disappointed.

17. There are times when helping equals hindrance. Stop helping those who do not appreciate the help you give.

18. I keep trying my best to help everyone around me, but no one shows up to help me.

19. I am that person that shows up for everyone. Yet, I am still someone nobody shows up for when I need them the most.

20. When no one has truly helped you for so long, you will find it difficult to accept the help when someone finally does.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

21. When you fight the battle for others, who fights yours?

22. The worst pain I have ever felt is not making the wrong decision but helping the wrong person

23. At what point do I learn to stop helping people because they do not help me when I am in need?

24. I help people get the desired change in their lives, but no one thinks about my life.

25. I have learned that if no one agrees to help me, I can help myself by doing it alone.

26. I no longer depend on people, not because of trust issues but because they do not invest in me the way I invest in them.

27. As you grow older, you will realize that no one is coming to help you. You have to help yourself because, in your darkest moment, you will realize that you are all you have.

28. People will not pause to help you when you need them but will pause to give their unsolicited opinions.

29. I now understand that I am responsible for my life. No Superman is coming to save me.

30. I no longer ask for help because no one cares if I am drowning or struggling to stay afloat.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

31. In moments when I need them the most, everyone has been consistent in never showing up.

32. Maybe one day, I will be thankful for those who never cared enough to help me. This is because their uncaring attitude made me do things myself.

33. It is futile waiting for someone to complete you. Darling, you are capable of completing yourself.

34. I have only myself to rely on. And so far, all the help I will ever need, I will get from myself and no one else.

35. Just as you have treated me as no one today, I have no choice but to return the favor tomorrow by treating you as no one.

36. You never came through for me when it was dark and gloomy. How do you expect me to come through for you and lovingly lend a helping hand?

37. Expectations from others will most likely end in disappointments most of the time.

38. Even if you enjoy helping others, there are times you need to remember yourself and help yourself!

39. Look around you! You have sacrificed so much for others who did not think twice before letting you down. Pick yourself up and make sacrifices for yourself.

40. If you let them, people will take, take, and never reciprocate the efforts.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

41. Some days, you can only attract success when you begin putting yourself first. You cannot take care of others if you do not take care of yourself first.

42. Stop compromising on your happiness to help others, especially when they have benefitted from your kindness and never reciprocated.

43. There comes a time when you need to be selfish to some persons for them to know your worth when you decide to shut the door on them.

44. The people I have helped so far are those that will laugh at my struggles instead of helping me.

45. I helped you because I wanted to and did not need your help. I can accept it if you do not bother helping me.  

46. It will always hurt to be on the receiving end of not getting any help after helping people who need me.

47. The days you need their help, you will realize that no one can save you unless you save yourself.

48. I decided not to depend on the help I would not likely get from others. Now, the only effort I put into anything is on myself.

49. You may carry out a kind act, but it will not be reciprocated by the person you helped.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

50. Be your own hero. Save yourself. Those you have helped along life’s journey will surprisingly do better without you.

51. They say nobody can do it all alone. But with the heartaches I have received, I will say you must catch up swiftly if you want to do everything yourself.

52. If not being there for me when I need your help is termed “caring,” I will be fine not caring for any human.

53. There is always room for re-evaluation of your life, mostly when nobody is helping you.

54. People rarely show up for me; these are the same people with whom I performed acts of kindness within the last decade. Now I help others by taking good care of myself.

55. In this game of life, you should know when you are giving and never receiving. You mustn’t lose yourself while struggling to help others.

56. Because of a lack of reciprocity, I stopped giving my all or one hundred percent to anything involving helping the next person.

57. Some people will genuinely appreciate how helpful and thoughtful you are. But on the other hand, some people will never appreciate it but keep trying to get your help.

58. I may not be the next Mother Theresa, but I have helped freely and given without hesitating. But I never got the same helpful energy when I needed it the most.

59. How do I explain that there is no need to pull me down when I have done nothing but place your happiness above mine? Regardless, I will continue moving toward the path of my goals.

60. Taking care of yourself first before taking care of others is known as self-care. And you should have more of that.

I Help Everyone But Nobody Helps Me

Things To Remember When You Feel Down And Alone

When the world seems like it is against you because friends and family members you have helped along life’s part have turned their backs on you, read these reminders to keep you pushing no matter what. They are:

• Your top priority is your passion

Do you want to be among those who go through life doing what others want for them and not what they love?

It does not matter if you have taken a step down to let another shine, and now no one is supporting your dream or helping you get to where you want to be; you should always see your passion and dreams as the top priority.

Irrespective of how deprived of help you may be feeling currently, we advise that you pick yourself up and follow your heart. Be more concerned about the things you do for yourself than what others do for you.

In all, always remember that life is indeed short. While it hurts that you have been helping others and now no one is there for you, it is not wise to spend your energy and time in regret and feeling down.

It is best to stick solidly to your convictions than the hurtful words and actions of others.

• They do not understand

Sometimes when people discourage you or do not show support by helping out when you need them, they may not be as bad as you think. Hold on! Keep reading subtly, so you do not miss out on the point.

Sometimes, people or even our immediate parents may discourage us or refuse to help, not because they want to crazily destroy our dreams but because they cannot fully grasp them.

Since they do not understand, they may refuse to help and voice their concerns in ways that are condescending. Therefore, do not take harsh words and discouragement to heart in everything you do.

You can educate them on it or give a more comprehensive explanation. And if they still do not want to understand, it is best to let them be.

• Some people are heavily insecure

Do not take this reminder as an excuse to blame yourself for anything. But it must be stated that people sometimes do not help out, maybe with a job or business position, because they are insecure.

Now, this insecurity could be jealousy or ignorance. For what it is worth, ensure you do not take their words to heart.

So, when a person refuses to help or criticize that new job offer you got, it has a lot to do with their fears and insecurities and nothing to do with you.

Always help others quotes.

Having a grateful and kind attitude is always beneficial. Even if we don’t receive help, let’s strive to assist others. Here are some related quotes for inspiration.

• It is your kind gesture that will touch the wounds that compassion alone heals.

• You cannot claim you have lived life if you have never done a favor or more for someone that will never be able to repay you.

• Nothing will ever describe beauty than going out of your way to beautifying the life of others

• Is the world worth living if we cannot look out for each other’s interests?

• And even if others have chosen not to lend a helping hand, I cannot change their minds. But I will do my tiny bit to make the world a better place.

• It is one thing to live, and it is also another to live for something that suggests creating and sharing joy and kindness with lonely hearts.

• When you make the lives of others better, yours will suddenly start improving. Now, you will be wasting time if you are not doing your best to better someone else’s life.

• The happiest people are those who go out of their way to help others.

• If we must be truthful, Earth is a place to get enlightened that we need one another.

• While one of our hand is to help others rise, the other is to pour love on them.


We understand how hurt you must feel if you have been in a situation wherein your help is not rewarded, especially by your best friends and family. Let go the past and live the moment, Lets hope for a better time ahead, Nevertheless, look at the sixty quotes about helping others, but no one helped me that we have outlined. So ensure you read through; we hope the different segments make you feel better.